Getting my First Tattoo

PLEASE EXPAND****************************** I realized this is not a beauty video, but to be honest I really wanted to be able to pick the thumbnail as you…

25 thoughts on “Getting my First Tattoo

  1. madaisy077 says:

    My tattoo is at the exact same place and it says :
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    but I’m not the only one 

  2. vivalamullet10 says:

    that weird moment when i’m looking at videos of first tattoos since im
    getting mine on saturday and i know exactly where you live cause i live
    like 5 minutes from there xD

  3. goldenheart1413 says:

    nice tattoo! im getting my 2nd tattoo in a few months and im getting song
    lyrics that mean a lot to me. my 2nd tattoo is gonna say "don’t lose who
    you are in the blur of the stars. just be true to who you are" and my other
    tattoo i have is in memory of my brother

  4. tipsmama19 says:

    Love the quote…..plan to get a tattoo on my other foot(left side) that
    says "Rise and Rise again, until Lambs become Lions" fell in love with it
    from Robinhood

  5. nikaay says:

    it was 4 years ago, so i can’t for the life of me remember!! haha i just
    remember that i liked the guy because he didn’t mind that i swore like a
    trucker (i got my dogs paw on the top of my foot- it hurt more than any of
    my other tattoos!)

  6. staceybrennan says:

    I am hoping so, I know she will like the meaning behind it :) thanks so
    much! and ya I wanted it to be visible so I could look at it all the time :)

  7. staceybrennan says:

    I had an idea of what I wanted. but I had to search through their fonts for
    sure to get it perfect :) I went through tons of pages but when I saw it I
    knew it was the one :)

  8. Kalea Lenhausen says:

    Tattoos can be such a personal thing, thanks for sharing your experience
    and reason behind it :) It looks fantastic!

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