Man tattoos dog: Animal cruelty gets Brooklyn man nailed online

A Brooklyn, New York tattoo artist and rapper who goes by the name Mista Metro has drawn howls of criticism from animal lovers and online commentators after …

Man tattoos dog: Animal cruelty gets Brooklyn man nailed online

A Brooklyn, New York tattoo artist and rapper who goes by the name Mista Metro has drawn howls of criticism from animal lovers and online commentators after inking his pet dog while the animal was under general anesthetic during major surgery.

According to the jerk's own instagram page, he took his ill dog to a veterinary clinic to have it's spleen removed. While there, he decided to make the most of his money by availing himself of the canine's comatose state so he could tattoo it with a heart, a message of love and the accompanying caption: "One of the many reasons my dog is cooler than yours!"

Mista Metro miscalculated the internet. Shortly after posting the photo to Instagram — from where it quickly found its way onto the popular New York-centric blog Gothamist — a tsunami of profanity and seething criticism rolled in.

Apparently gone to ground, both the his website and facebook page have been pulled down and his Instagram feed shows only a single image bearing the message: "They tell you to be yourself and then they judge you." The poor dear.

Mr Metro is yet to make any public comments addressing the controversy. But what we want to know is, what kind of a vet lets a man tattoo a dog during an operation?


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16 thoughts on “Man tattoos dog: Animal cruelty gets Brooklyn man nailed online

  1. NoOneLikesGoogleFuckingPlus says:

    10 billion animals are kept in unsuitable confinement and killed each year
    in america so you can get fatter. All for your appetite.. Yet you complain
    about this and not the indirect torture you are responsible for. You make
    me sick.

  2. Waitman Johnson says:

    People have always tattooed there dogs for aesthetic and tracking purposes.
    the man obviously did this out of admiration for his pet. I don’t know why
    people are so mad about it.

  3. helen fua says:

    There’s tons of pictures of tattooed sphinx cats on google, also dogs and
    whatever you may think of i suppose…What’s the big deal? You people
    pierce YOUR BABY’S EARS!!!!

  4. Daisy McPot says:

    the dog wasnt tattooed while the vet was cutting into her. metro loves his
    dog, clearly, he paid thousands of dollars for an expensive surgery. dogs
    dont ask for their balls to be cut off, either. people need to stop looking
    for reasons to be outraged.

  5. jim short says:

    Based on the dog having to be medicated for a legitimate medical reasons. I
    have no problem taking advantage with tattooing the dog. I am surprised the
    Vet allowed him to do the procedure in his facility but that’s all. As for
    Tattooing, branding, docking tails, removal of due claws, Tagging, Clipping
    ears, Spading / neutering. With all these other procedures done, of which
    some are done with no Anastasia. Bottom line was this was done humanly, it
    was done in a clean environment an in the presence of a Certified
    Veterinarian. Look, if this was so agree justly wrong, should have it not
    been the Veterinarians responsibility to stop and not allow the tattooing
    process to continue??? It sure sounds to me like we have a bunch
    of pet lovers which disapprove of one thing and then turn around and do the
    same kind of thing to their own dog. Maybe the people putting up such a
    fuss should rethink this throw and stop and think about what they do to
    their own pets. 

  6. Tricia Bee says:

    First off I don’t even like tattoos. If people really want to have a fit
    about people treating animals poorly they should check out the many you
    tube videos that seem to be okay in public view.

    People pull nails off of cats which is very painful during healing time and
    renders them defenseless if they get out. They doc ears and cut tails off
    of dogs with no pain relief.

    This guy gets grief for expressing his love on his pooch with no pain
    involved. Not much different then putting in a micro chip.

    I would only worry that others may choose to follow what he did and go over
    board with it. 

  7. nojoke71 says:

    Stupid (and looking for attention by posting pics) maybe but cruel not so
    Dog owners have been removing tails and altering their ears for cosmetic
    reasons forever, that is unnecessary to the health of the animal yet

  8. TheAATheorist says:

    If the Dog would have been awake during the tattoo or "put under" just for
    the tattoo, I could see that bordering as abuse. But, taking the
    opportunity to tattoo your animal while it is under because of surgery
    anyway, what’s really wrong with that? Tattoos aren’t painful once they are
    done with.

    At best it would have been an irritation and he may have had to wear a
    cone for a little while. Nothing serious. I wish people would start putting
    all their energy toward convicted people that truly do abuse or neglect
    their animals, rather than just crying every time they see a "wolf." If you
    catch my drift.

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