My Tattoo Experience

My sisters and I got tattoos last week! I vlogged a little while we were there :) If you were thinking about getting a tattoo, but were worried about the pain, dont be! This was my first one…

22 thoughts on “My Tattoo Experience

  1. AnotherClutch2 says:

    "Hey lets get some tattoos." "What should we get?" "A triangle!" Let this
    be a lesson to all you. Never go full retard!

  2. jus10tje06 says:

    When i was younger I tried to make a tattoo (didnt worked out) but it was
    also on my ankle and a triangle! I did it with a sharp knife and then fast
    inkt in it but it didnt stay and after 2/3weeks it was gone:( I loved it
    and im gonna get it later when im 17/18 for real tattooed on the same spot
    the same thing! 

  3. Rosie Usher says:

    Ouu she got a triangle, that’s automatically illuminati? LMFAO no, she
    clearly says they’re getting "sister tattoos", triangles do represent
    different things with different people . 

  4. Abby Handyside says:

    If you think about it the whole "one year old at birth" thing is a little
    bit true because I mean you were growing for 9 months in the womb so you’re
    born really 9 months old? It’s not really a full year but you know what I
    mean… But what you were trying to say wasn’t really true. I guess you
    were probably just really excited about the tattoos that you couldn’t think

  5. Aurora Sullivan says:

    No, you’re 1 year old on your first birthday. That first year is counted ON
    your birthday. The problem is that people see your birthday as the start of
    another year but really, it’s marking the last year you’ve had. When you’re
    born, you’re not any age. You’ve been becoming a human for nine months,
    then you are born and your 1st birthday marks the year from your birth to
    then. It’s been 1 whole year.

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