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25 thoughts on “No TATTOOS IN JAPAN!

  1. Panthrawr says:

    What is the tattoo of, if I may ask? I was thinking of getting a tattoo on
    the upper part of my arm of Kayle from League of Legends with some roses.
    (DON’T JUDGE ME!) Would they hold that against me if I go to Japan?

  2. AfromanInJapan says:

    LOL that Jamaican guy lol. I must meet him when I come over so we can talk
    about curry goat and Louise Bennett

  3. AfromanInJapan says:

    They have water parks in Japan? THANK GOD!! I’ve been searching for a water
    park in the UK for years and I have never found one. Japan here I come!!

  4. MechanicalKitten says:

    You’re really not allowed to have tattoos? ;-;
    I’m moving to Japan in a few years and I plan on getting a lot of tattoos.
    Are you just looked down upon or something? ;-;

  5. RenMan27 says:

    I have sleeves and some leg tattoos.. When I was in Nagoya a few weeks ago
    I had people stare at me all the time!! A 6ft tall white guy with tattoos
    and a Japanese wife.. Oh yea I have twin girls.. So I stick out when I am
    in japan!!

  6. heyyybrenda Azucena says:

    The cops always ruin the fun mayneee!! Lol these waterslide selfie are
    awesome and I loved the crystal clear sound of the water! Great video
    Shane! (:

  7. Shiro San says:

    I would not do well at Japanese waterparks ): Tattoos over my wrists,
    hips/ribs/stomach and neck hahaha worst part about living in Kyoto not
    being able to use the hot springs ):

  8. Laura Dex ☆ says:

    It looks like A LOT of fun !! I want a waterproof camera too xD
    And the tattoo stuff, it’s crazy ! I have tattoos on both wrists, I
    wouldn’t be able to cover them so what would happen… Who knows (*_*)

  9. JohannaPingu says:

    It looks like so much fun! But i have a question. I’m want to get a tattoo
    on my ankle but i also want to live in japan when i get out of school.
    Would you reccomend NOT getting a tattoo if you want to live in japan? :)

  10. Yerald Max says:

    Just for that small tattoo, crazy stuff, i don’t have any but i am
    wondering how unrested will be treated in there!

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