Things To Consider When Getting a Quote Tattoo

Getting a Tattoo QuoteSo you are seeking to get tattooed and have actually decided to go with text instead of images as the motif for your body ink. Word tattoos, lettering tattoos or script tattoos – no matter what you call it, they all have one thing in common. They all depend on the message of the text to make the tatt individual and significant to you.

With that being said, you have to make sure about numerous things prior to getting word tattoos. First of all, you need to decide on what sort of words will be tattooed to you for life. Will you choose a preferred quote, lyrics from a memorable song, a verse from the bible or something that you personally composed or wrote? Whatever you choose, make certain that it’s something that you can relate to, something that you feel very strongly about or just something that reflects a part of your personality. Remember that it will be with you permanently (unless you’re prepared to go through the costly and painful procedure of tattoo removal – which is a subject for some other time) so you cannot afford to make a mistake with your choice.

Discovering good words for tattoos can be a challenging procedure. There are a lot of expressions to select from with entirely different purposes and meanings. So exactly what type of phrase truly suits you or moves you? Exactly what are good words for tattoos? Let me try to make the decision process simpler for you if you’re thinking about getting this type of tattoo.



Right, then let’s go.  Here are some things to consider prior to getting a quote tattoo:

Exactly what is The Purpose of Your Quote Tattoo.

Do you want it to be a quote made by an author or philosopher, or do you wish to get a statement about who you are or about exactly what you represent tattooed? Is the function of getting a tattoo just to make you look good? The best tattoos are commonly those that mean something to you or reflects your personality.

Where To Position Your Quote Tattoo.

It’s also vital to choose the area (on your body, not the location of the tattoo parlor, silly). For obvious reasons not all expressions can be tattooed on all areas of the body. Choosing where you want your tattoo will certainly further restrict your selections. Of course, there is the decision of exactly what body parts to select when choosing script tattoos or text tattoos. The very best locations are the body canvas that has ample area to accommodate numerous lines for the phrases or texts that will be tattooed. These are the shoulder blade, back, rib, and arm. For 3 – 5 words of tattoo lettering, the foot, wrist, back of neck and ankle can be great alternatives.



Font Styles and Lettering – What Will Your Tattoo Font Style Be.

The next step is to choose exactly what language and design you want for your tattoo letters. While many people get english tattoos, it’s popular to get Chinese letters. Be extra careful when getting tattoos not in your very own language. There have actually been several artists that have been caught tattooing misspelled characters or words that indicates something entirely different than what their customers thought.

What font styles to go for is another crucial step. Script and old english typefaces are some of the most popular types. You could choose your own font, or do some research to find one you love. Google offers a treasure-trove of ideas – find one that you really like and take it to your tattoo artist.  A simple search for “Tattoo Fonts” or “Fonts” in google images will give you a myriad of ideas.


Font Styles for Tattoo Quote


Finding a Great Tattoo Quote.

The most crucial step is to browse to discover a good expression to utilize. For this you can look through online forums and web sites. Get Google to help you.


Getting a Tattoo Quote


The very best method however, is to sign up with a great tattoo site where the community is active. There are thousands of active tattoo communities and I’m not going to recommend one above any other. You have to find the community where you feel comfortable and are happy to hang out.



Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr and other online image sharing sites will give you plenty of fodder. Create your own Pinboard on Pinterest where you can capture ideas. Do a search for the words Tattoo Quote, and Pinterest will give you categories across the top of your screen. This will certainly make finding great quote ideas for your tattoo simple.


Use Pinterest For Quote Tattoo Ideas

Use Pinterest For Quote Tattoo Ideas

Buyer Beware – Things to keep an eye out for when getting a Quote Tattoo.

The other crucial thing that you need to understand when going for word or lettering tattoos is to look out for misspelling or grammatical mistakes in the text of your design. There are a lot of circumstances where a tattoo artist ruined the spelling hence ruining the entire thing. Watch out for this scenario and clear everything with your tattoo artist before starting with the entire procedure.

Nothing is set in stone (ink, maybe) and there are a lot of options for you to discover. Think outside the box and be imaginative: when it pertains to your tattoo design, the possibilities are endless.




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Getting quotes for a tattoo is a serious business. If you going to spend money on something you need to shop around and compare the deals before you take the plunge. Also the cleanliness of the parlour, hours of work required and sitting fees are also factors.