Ink on Skin – What’s so special about tattoos – Why get a tattoo?

They're just black lines on white skin

They’re just black lines on white skin

Why Do People Get Tattoos?

There are nearly as many reasons for getting a tattoo as there are people who have them. Each person has his or her own particular reason; it may be a common reason or it may be unique, but it is nonetheless individual.

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People who get a tattoo on impulse or a dare, while intoxicated, or to please someone else, are the ones who are usually less satisfied with the results. Even while holding it out as a spur-of-the-moment mistake, a person who acquires a tattoo under these circumstances are rarely happy with having it on a longterm basis. Unfortunately, these types of situations do comprise a fair percentage of the number of people who get tattoos– and later regret it. Most people who get tattoos primarily as a means of rebellion are also dissatisfied in the long-run; as they grow out of feeling the need to rebel, they grow out of enjoying the symbols of it.

For those who make an informed decision about getting a tattoo, whether they acknowledge it or not they are usually in either of two categories: those who are identifying with a group, or those who are identifying themselves as individuals. Both are using tattoos as a means of self-expression. On the extreme end of the spectrum are inmates who belong to such groups as “the Aryan Brotherhood.” A tattoo shows both members and non-members alike what group the inmate belongs to. These tattoo designs are of various codes and other oddities which they assume people who are not likewise affiliated will not understand. Most inner-city gangs also have coded tattoo designs for the same reason. In these types of instances, tattoos serve a dual-purpose: they are a means of bonding a person to a particular group, and they are a means of separating oneself from those who are outside of that group.

Some people get a tattoo simply because they want to have one. Other than not putting much careful thought into its longterm implications, nor being very selective about what particular design they want, this is not necessarily negative. For many, simply liking artwork on one’s skin is reason enough to visit a local tattoo studio, hand over a relatively-large sum of money, and have something etched into one’s skin that is intended to remain there for the rest of one’s life. The most intricate design or the most plain one can be a matter of speaking to the entire world, or something which one chooses to keep solely to oneself.

Others use this form of self-expression in a manner similar to what generations past used to do with t-shirts: to show the world what they wish to say. They choose wording, or designs which symbolize something that is meaningful to them. You can see everything from American flags and crosses to the names of who they love, and, occasionally, wording which pushes the limits of the First Amendment. In the past, people wore what they believed, stood for, and cared about on their shirts; these days tattoos often serve the same purpose.

Many people use tattoos as memorials. Tattoos can be designed for remembrance of a deceased loved one, of course, but they can also be designed for the purpose of keeping in mind other places or situations which a person does not wish to forget. When there is someone or something that you wish to hold close to your heart, a tattoo can be a beautiful way of doing it. Photographs and other souvenirs are not permanent– tattoos are.

Why do people get tattoos? The reasons are as varied as there are individuals. Whether you yourself have a tattoo or not, if you know someone who does, it is important to realize that you do not know what that person’s reasons are, unless he or she decides to tell you.

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These days' tattoos are far more prevalent than ever. Tattoos have gained fairly a bit in popularity over the years, giving men and women a chance to stand out and broadcast who they truly are. Men and women alike have tattoos, some covering their whole body. The option is entirely up to you though, as it is possible to get a tattoo in virtually any size you would like.

Even though there are numerous very good things about tattoos, you will find poor things also. Among the excellent things about tattoos consist of the chance to broadcast who you might be, the chance to be you, along with the chance to stand out. Most men and women who get tattoos get them for the symbolic meaning. Even though you will find some who get tattoos strictly for the look, several end up regretting obtaining the tattoo later on in life.

Tattoos are wonderful for show, even though the design itself ought to hold some meaning. You'll find a selection of designs and colors to decide on from, which helps to add to the positive advantages of tattoos. You are able to take a look at a lot of designs at your local tattoo studio, in books and magazines, and online. The Net is really a terrific resource for tattoo designs, as you will find literally thousands to take a look at. You'll be able to also take a look at photos of those that have tattoos so you are able to get an notion as to what a particular style will look like once it has been finished.

The cons of tattoos are fairly straight forward. Tattoos work by piercing the skin with a needle and injecting small gobs of ink. With that being said the risk of infection when acquiring a tattoo is generally there. If the tattoo artist isn't sanitary and doesn't clean his equipment after each and every use, the risk of infection is going to be significantly higher.

An additional thing to worry about with tattoos is removal. When you later determine that you do not want the tattoo, you'll need to pay an high priced price to have it surgically removed. Surgery carries risks and complications too. In some instances, those that have got tattoos have had to have the tattoo removed as a result of infection. In these instances the infection has gotten so poor that there seriously is no other selection than to get the tattoo removed.

No matter how you take a look at it, there will often be both pros and cons with tattoos. Prior to you determine to get a tattoo, you ought to be sure that the design you've picked out is some thing that you may see your self with for years to come. If there's any doubt inside your mind about the tattoo, you shouldn't get it. Even though it might seem cool at the time - the price for removal and also the complications with surgery may possibly not be worth it inside the lengthy run.

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